Before the Gunyah Group team take on a new product, we carefully consider the following:

Does it enhance the lives of first nation / indigenous people and community?  

Is it environmentally sustainable? 

Are we sure that no one is being exploited in the production and distribution of this product? 

Is it aesthetically expectable? 

Is it a scientifically proven product? 

The Gunyah Group endorse and supply the following products.

Imagine Soil Stabilization and Fire Fighting products that won't harm our fragile environment but can actually benefit it.

High-Quality Environmentally Friendly Products for Industry

Soil stabilizer – Highly effective and versatile soil stabilizers that are kind to the environment.

Fire fighting – Innovative, versatile, compact, and highly effective fire fighting systems.
Thick adhesive and expansive fire fighting foams that are non-toxic yet rapidly extinguish fires and prevent reignition

Our products are established with a vision to offer businesses an alternative to products that are toxic and have damaging effects on people and the environment. Our products are effective and environmentally friendly.

We are passionate about doing good for people, creating environmentally sustainable products, and helping those in need.

One of the most wide applications for this product is for road building & suitable for commercial/Domestic airport Strip runways

Imagine… An eco-friendly sustainable product that’s environmentally safe, efficient, and cost effective that is perfect for constructing roads, and airport strip runways in remote areas across Australia, & Globally by using the soil that is already underfoot.


Create Clean Water from the Air

Atmospheric Water Generation (“AWG”) systems and projects supply fresh water for commercial, industrial, and government applications, in almost any location at any time providing the ultimate in Water security, self-reliance, and independence – “Water 4.0”

AWG is a leading new Infrastructure Project Investment Class by innovating, advancing, and scaling industrial-grade AWG technology, products, and services. We effectively combine upstream (IP/technology + products) with downstream (projects + financing) to most efficiently provide communities and water districts, and large commercial and industrial water users with fresh water. AWG is a game-changing solution as it is a new water resource, and in some locations is more effective than the alternative water systems of forwarding/reverse osmosis (“RO”) including desalination or distillation, and is more environmentally friendly.


Customized Luxury Pools & Exceptional Pavilions services


Design & Build
Luxury Pools Brisbane
High-Quality Pools • Pavilions • Landscaping •

We are passionate about creating breathtaking outdoor spaces for you and your family. From beautiful pools to complete backyard makeovers.
Our team is made up of very experienced designers, builders, landscapers, and artists, standing by to transform your ordinary backyard into a captivating oasis.

It’s all about the style, the feel, and the integration.
We are here to create,

Luxury Pools & Exceptional Pavilions.

Mirthquake Gunyah Research (Cetaceans) Whale & Dolphin Research (Mixed-use Development

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