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For over 20 years traveling the world, and 30 years passionately involved in diverse art mediums and cultural heritage activities, deep visions and dreams developed rested in the heart and mind of John Smith Gumbula. Being a proud multi-award-winning indigenous artist had given John the opportunity to travel the world and to meet people of many different cultures. He witnessed beautiful homes and public buildings being designed and landmarks constructed in numerous countries. Amazing iconic structures, that were a testimony to each nationalities people and culture.

Returning to Australia, John knew in his heart what he wanted to do for his own people and community. It was to design sustainable buildings that would inspire and speak to his people and communities. Buildings that First Nation people, and communities could live, rest, learn, dream, teach, inspire, and find healing in. Buildings that were in harmony with nature. Buildings that young indigenous people could look at be inspired and be attracted to. Buildings that filled an Elders heart with hope, integrity, and pride. Practical, culturally iconic buildings that made a strong statement in each unique individual location in rural remote communities, on country.

So it was, the concept of the Gunyah Group was born.

In 2020, John set out on a mission to carefully identify, and choose a like-minded team of experienced experts in their professional field to bring this aspiring vision to life.
Having met a skilled, passionate building designer, that understood the concept, the dream, and an experienced builder that shared his enthusiasm, John knew that it was time to launch The Gunyah Group. The Gunyah Group are committed to Sustainable, Eco friendly, Ethical, and Culturally sensitive buildings, for indigenous communities, and country. As a team of like-minded professionals working together, we ask the question of each project. Is it sustainable? Will it be low maintenance?  Is it uniquely beautiful? Does it honour the people that will reside, work, learn and play within? Having formed strong relationships with some of the big players in Australian commerce, Gunyah Group has the ability to offer outstanding value to the communities.

The Gunyah Group directors are proud and honoured to present to you, buildings of meaning that will inspiring generations to come.

We look forward to presenting you with outstanding design solutions and iconic buildings that bring life and cultural significance to your community.

The Gunyah Group Team

Our Team

John Smith Gumbula

John Smith Gumbula is the Founder, Ambassador & Chief Indigenous Officer of Bur’an. Visionary, Innovative, Born of the WakkaWakka / GurangGurang indigenous people of Queensland & Adopted Son of the Yolngu people of the Northern Territory of Australia, John has a strong connection to this land and its people. As a ‘QEIl Silver Jubilee Queens Trust Awardee for Young Achieving Australians’, John had the inspiring opportunity to share his cultural heritage, and art with the world, by traveling to many countries. John has educated people more about understanding the diverse cultural and spiritual diversity of the tribal nations throughout Australia, and importantly their ancient connection, relationship, and stewardship to Australia
“Building Cultural Bridges Of Understanding”.

For over three decades John has been on a passionate journey exploring traditional & contemporary indigenous art mediums; ‘Building cultural bridges of understanding among global communities.’ John has a vision and strategy to develop long-term sustainable cross-sector partnerships, increasing Indigenous Business access to global markets.

Dan is an award-winning professional building designer that began his creative design career with a Hotel & Motel refurbishment specialist firm, working on Projects in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. For 7 years Dan traveled the region leaning the industry and assisting hotel and motel owners in urban and rural areas to bring their precious investments back to life.

In 2001 Dan launched his own Design Company, and has built it into one of the most successful design studios in Queensland. Over the past 19 years, Dan and his team have designed more than 4000 houses constructed in Australia and New Zealand. Full Housing Estates, Commercial Properties, Retail Buildings, Multi-Residential Towers, Cafes, and Church Buildings; Dan has tackled a diverse range of projects with a great track record and demonstrated ability to meet client expectations on time and on budget. Dan is totally focused on understanding the client’s requirements and creating beautiful spaces for them to live, work, and play.

Dan Harry

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